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Michigan Pedal Pullers Results

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Michigan Pedal Pullers event held at the Drive Green Event at D&G Equipment on September 13, 2014.  It was a very successful pull and great fun for all the kids.  Below are the standings from each category:

Girls Ages 3-4 Boys Ages 3-4
1.  Maddie Kangas 1.  Collin Buzinski
2.  Kailynn Schneider 2.  Colton Rhines
Girls Ages 5-6 Boys Ages 5-6
1.  Katherine Dyck 1.  Julian Blain
  2.  Nathan Rubiak
Girls Ages 7-8 Boys Ages 7-8
1.  Paige Jones 1.  Joe McMillan
2.  Lillian Kubiak 2.  Adam Cohoon
Girls Ages 9-10 Boys Ages 9-10

1.  Annabelle Dyck

2.  Adrienne Cohoon

1.  Ryan McCollough


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