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H.O.P.E- Helping Other People Eat

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As of 12/11/2014, Tom Cullimore and his HOPE program have reached over 255,280 meals served to the community.  That's how many meals HOPE has delivered to area food banks and soup kitchens in its nine years of existence.

The HOPE program, started by Tom Cullimore, takes donated meats, mainly venison, and distributes them to local food banks.  The program is completely voluntary and runs of donations both food base and monetary base.

Usually they're hauling venison donated by hunters, but on Thursday December 4, it was 1,100 pounds of ground beef. Farmer Jim Brisson from Breckenridge contributed two bulls to HOPE and Mike Bellingar of Bellingar Packing in Ashley did the butchering at a charitable rate.

Volunteers distributed the load among the Clinton County Food Bank, Cristo Rey Community Center, the Salvation Army and Lansing City Rescue Mission.




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