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AutoTrac VisionSense and RowSense

AutoTrac VisionSense and RowSense

Want to be even more accurate in the field? Don't have access to the A-B line that was used to plant a field? AutoTrac VisionSense and RowSense allow for a more accurate guidance correction system that can be tailored to your operation. VisionSense uses a special camera that is mounted to the front of your compatible John Deere sprayer to detect plant rows. This system is ideal for early season crops, such as field corn.

AutoTrac RowSense uses row-sensing feelers that can be attached to your John Deere sprayer or combine to sense where each individual plant, to help reduce operator error. This attachment is ideal for late-season nitrogen application with your sprayer, or harvesting corn with your combine

AutoTrac Vision and RowSense Video

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