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Hints & Tips

  1. Q -  When should I have my blades sharpened and how often?
    A - 1st thing in the Spring, we recommend you sharpen your blades every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on how often you mow, mowing     conditions i.e. ( sandy soils or foreign objects may require additional sharpening) or as needed for optimal cutting performance.

  2. Q - When should I have my blades replaced?
    A - Replace as needed, depending on soil conditions and frequency of mowing, always replace your blades if they become cracked, bent or have thin edges. See your local D&G store for sharpening services or replacements blades.

  3. Q - When should I have my Hydraulic Fluid changed on my mower or Compact Tractor?
    A - Generally every 250 hours, Please refer to your owner's manual as every make and model have different recommended intervals for changing your Hydraulic fluid.

  4. Q - When should I have my Mower or Tractor serviced?
    A - At the end of your cutting season & fall clean up or early Spring is the best. Please contact your local D&G Equipment Dealership for any Specials or Service Promotions.

  5. Q - How do I keep the underside of my mower deck clean?
    A - Use Liquid Graphite, Silicone or Mo-deck spray product and try to avoid cutting wet grass. If needed use a non-scratch tool to remove the excess grass or use the wash-out port on your mower deck (if applicable ). Always remember safety first. Turn off mower before inspection and be careful of sharp blade edges.

The Frontier Tips Notebook from John Deere is a compilation of tips, ideas & collective wisdom about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place.

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Signature X700 series mowers from John Deere provide power and agility.  Watch this video brought to you from John Deere on how to safely remove and clean the mower deck.

The Benefit of Buying Genuine Stihl Parts

STIHL Dealers have the tools and resources to give your equipment the best service possible. This ensures that, as your servicing Dealer, we’re the authority when it comes to making repairs or replacements to your STIHL equipment. And when it comes to repairs and replacements, we look to genuine STIHL parts to get the job done

Chainsaw safetyChainsaw safety, operation, and maintenance video - from STIHL

work outdoorsTips To Stay Healthy When Working Outdoors

With so many safety and equipment procedures to remember, it can be easy to forget basic health habits when working outdoors. Here are a few quick tips to remember to reduce your risk of personal injury while on the job.

work saferSimple Ways to Work Safer

Safety is a critical component of owning outdoor power equipment – and STIHL products are no exception. Stay informed about general safety procedures and help avoid needless mistakes. Print these tips and display them in your workplace for a visible reminder of recommended procedures.

1. Make sure log is on level ground ‐ look for cracks in log, good target for your maul.

  • Easier to cut off pieces by working around the edges rather than splitting down the middle.
  • Make sure each piece is less than 8 inches wide.

2. For logs that are difficult to split a wedge should be used.

3. Put wedge into a crack if you can find one ‐ hammer it in about an inch then go to sledge hammer.

4. Keep driving the wedge down into the log until it splits.

  • If that doesn't work use a 2nd wedge and drive it into the log the same way on the opposite side of center.


Are you ready for Summer?

  • Check the condition of your spark plugs and replace if necessary.
  • Check air filters for dirt and damage to determine if any need cleaning or replacement. Clean debris from blowers and trimmers as well. 
  • Inspect your equipment for broken parts, and replace any that are broken or damaged.
  • Check screws and nuts, and retighten them if necessary.
  • Now is a good time to sharpen or change saw chains, as well as replace trimmer line
  • Lubricate parts where friction will occur.
  • Check power cords on electric tools for damage or wear. 
  • When mixing fuel, use fresh fuel (stored for less than 2 months) and new 2-cycle engine oil. View Mixing Tips
  • Use STIHL MotoMix® Patented Premixed Fuel in your fuel tanks. STIHL MotoMix® is a highly stable blend that will
    help to ensure great performance.
  • Don't put your power tool to work immediately—after a season of storage, let it warm up for a few minutes before use. 

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It's time to awaken your STIHL equipment from its winter slumber. Before you pull your tools out of storage and put them to work, make sure you've prepared them for your spring workload. This checklist of proper maintenance tips will help get your equipment out of hibernation and ready to run.  NOTE: For a comprehensive list of maintenance and repair instructions, refer to your product's instruction manual.

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