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Don't let old gasoline ruin your engines!


From the sludge build-ups and varnish in the fuel system to dried out plastic and rubber components to lack of lubrication and overheating, stale gas and e-blends are to blame for all sorts of starting and performance issues with small engines.

Ethanol that is mixed with gasoline that is put in small engines can harm seals, rubber hoses and the engine if is sits for too long. Starting an engine in the spring with gasoline that has been sitting all winter is all it takes to ruin an engine. Protect your engine by putting new gas in all of your small engines including riding mowers, push mowers, edgers, trimmers and any other piece of equipment that runs on gasoline. Replacing fuel filters and gaskets can also help protect your engine and stop leaks from occurring which will cause your engine to struggle. Fuel stabilizers are also available to help your engines process gasoline that contains ethanol. Don’t slow down spring with bad gasoline, keep your engines running strong.


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