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Fall mower maintenance

  1. Tighten all nuts and bolts.
  2. Check all belts, filters, safety shields and guards.
  3. Replace any damaged or missing parts, including spark plugs.
  4. Check tire tread and pressure.
  5. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. After adding stabilizer, run the engine for five minutes.
  6. Change the oil (or in the spring).
  7. Replace the filter.
  8. Sharpen the blade, but be careful not to sharpen it to a razor’s edge– it will crack, peel back and hack grass to shreds. Leave a thickness of about 1/64 of an inch to keep the blade strong.
  9. Balance the blade to prevent vibration. Put the center hole of the blade on a nail hammered into a garage stud. If one side goes down, file it until it becomes level.
  10. Do not store in an enclosed place where fuel fumes can accumulate or be exposed to an open flame, spark or pilot light.


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