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Pre-Spring Lawncare Checklist

Gardening Checklist

  • Clean up all the old leaves and debris that have accumulated, but try to be extremely careful not to damage the emerging perennials and bulbs.
  • Cut down ornamental grasses. For smaller grasses use your pruning shears. For bigger clumps, use a brushcutter or trimmer. STIHL has a wide variety of dependable models to choose from.
  • Potatoes can be planted and tomato seeds started inside for planting in the garden later.
  • Repot and fertilize houseplants.
  • Don’t forget to clean the gutters before the spring rains come.

Tree Care Checklist

  • Late fall and late winter are great times to prune trees – the leaves have all fallen so you can better see problems in the tree structure. Just ensure the trees are not frozen prior to cutting. Download the STIHL Pruning Guide.
  • Trees and landscape beds respond well to being mulched. Just remember that, in this case, more is not better. Keep mulch thickness down to just a few inches and pull it back from the trunk to avoid contact.
  • Now is the time to make any necessary adjustments to your sprinkler system. Watch to see if there is any water pooling around trees and provide a remedy if there is.
  • If the trees in your landscape are susceptible to certain fungal problems, removing leaf and needle debris will help reduce this effect.
  • A soil sample can alert you to any nutrient deficiencies in your trees. Have a specialist come out and take a sample before you start a fertilization program of any kind.

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