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Summer garden tips

Staking & Support

Put stakes and supports in place for tall, herbaceous plants, like peonies and delphiniums. This will prevent them from falling over or look messy as they grow taller and heavy with blooms with the progressing season. Likewise,as climbers display new growth, be sure to position them on a support system in order to maintain control over
where they grow and prevent an untidy appearance.

Prune Shrubs

Although many shrubs do not require pruning, some shrubs that flower in the spring and early summer, such as lilacs, will greatly benefit from pruning once they have finished flowering. This keeps them looking lovely season after season. Refer to the appropriate page in the web site for pruning tips; a good rule of thumb is prune right after things bloom and you’re always safe from pruning off flower buds.

Plant Bulbs

Mid-summer is the time to plant bulbs that will bloom in the fall, such as colchicum. Wait for late summer to plant bulbs that will bloom in the spring.

Summer Gardener: Gardening Tips for Summer.

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