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Late-summer garden tips

Trees and shrubs.

Keep planting!


Dig tender perennials, such as Canna, Dahlia, and elephant ears (Colocasia), before a hard frost. Store for next year’s garden, but place them in garage or root cellar where temperatures are cool but frost-free.


Seed new lawns or bare spots if needed. September is a great time to establish new grass plants due to increased rainfall and decreased temperatures. Weed seeds are not as likely to compete in fall seedlings, also. Be sure to purchase quality seed. Remember to apply fertilizer based on soil test recommendation for your lawn. Depending on rainfall, watering may need to continue into late September. Early fall is also a good time to incorporate broadleaf weed control on established lawns. Do not use “weed-n-feed” products on flowers and vegetables!

Vegetables and fruit.

Harvest winter squash and allow them to thoroughly dry before storing. Frost can occur this month, so cover tender vegetables with plastic or cloth to prolong your harvest season of tomatoes and peppers.Vegetables like cabbage, parsley and spinach can tolerate cold well. Pick up any fallen fruit around fruit trees. This helps reduce the chance that pests such as apple maggot and codling moth will overwinter and wreak havoc next year.

For additional gardening information, call the MSU Extension Lawn and Garden Hotline at 1-888-MSUE-4MI (1-888-678-3464). You can also visit www.migarden.msu.edu.

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