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4-Wheel Steer Models

 Is 4-Wheel Steering the Best Choice for Your Next Riding Mower?

Four wheel steering is an innovative John Deere technology where the front and back wheels turn left and right together. The John Deere 4 wheel steer tractors work even better than a zero turn when you are trimming around trees, shrubs, fence corners and garden beds. They are easier to use than a zero-turn mower and work better on slopes. Zero turn mowers still have a tighter turn at the end of a pass for the fastest mowing times but the superior ride of the 4-wheel turn mower from John Deere may be more what you are looking for.

See the 4WS in action


Tractors with the four wheel steer technology include:

X394 Tractor with 48-inch Deck

The X394 lawn tractor has four-wheel steering for superior maneuverability and tight trimming. Features include power steering with a tilt steering wheel, as well as hydraulic lift for ease of use in mower, front blade or snowblower applications. The X394 comes with a smooth-running V-twin iTorque™ Power System and an easy-to-use Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission.

X734X734 Signature Series Tractor

The X734 combines 25.5 hp and electronic fuel injection (EFI) to give you the power you want for fast starts and smooth warm-ups. This model has 48, 54, and 60-in. mower deck options to make quick work of the largest lawns.

X739X739 Signature Series Tractor

The X739 adds a larger body and full-time four-wheel drive providing those with more challenging terrain to mow with the extra punch they need to get the job done.

X754X754 Signature Series Tractor

The X754’s features a three-cylinder diesel engine which makes it an ideal riding mower if you need the maneuverability of four wheel steer with extra torque and durability for extensive lawn projects.

Another benefit of the John Deere Four Wheel steer tractors is the attachments they work with: add a blade, snow blower, thatcher, or cat, check individual models for the list of attachments you can use to help you out around your property.


When it comes to cost, the four wheel steer options have a higher initial cost than some other options but consider all the advantages and you’ll see that they offer a great value.


Below is a handy chart comparing the important benefits the different riding lawn equipment offer. It compares four-wheel steering with two-wheel steering and zero-turn mowers. For more detailed advice, talk to your D&G Equipment sales person.

Comparing 4-Wheel Steer, 2-Wheel Steer and Zero-Turn MowersCompare 4-Wheel Steer


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