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How to Choose a Snow Blower

Single-stage Snow BlowerYou can't stop the snow from coming; all you can do is be prepared. At D&G Equipment, we're here to help. Having the right snow blower, snow thrower, or blades can make all the difference for you this winter. This article talks about choosing between single-stage and two-stage snow blowers and about the variety of snow blowers and blades available for your lawn and garden tractor or gator utility vehicle. At D&G Equipment our experts are trained to help you find the right snow removal solution for your situation. We have excellent choices in equipment from Ariens, Toro, Boss, Frontier, and John Deere.

· Single-stage walk behind snow blowers have the advantage of being lightweight and maneuverable. Their rubber edged augers get very close to the pavement. Single-stage can also handle wet, heavy snow well. However you will run into difficulty with hard, icy accumulations like those left at the end of your driveway by the street snowplows. They also are not recommended for gravel driveways. We have a variety of sizes and choices of features in gas or electric single-stage walk behind snow blowers by Ariens and Toro. These are all reliable well built machines but come talk to us to find the one just right for your situation.

  • Snow RemovalTwo-stage walk behind snow blowers are more powerful and are recommended if you have a large driveway or often get drifting snow. The two-stage snow blower has an auger that breaks up the snow and an impeller that throws it through the chute. They also have skids that adjust the height so that they can be used for gravel surfaces. The engine-driven wheels on the two-stage snow throwers handle better on uneven terrain and reduce your fatigue. The two-stage snow blowers move snow faster and farther than single-stage blowers. Come talk to us about our Ariens and Toro two-stage walk behind snow blowers. There are a variety of options to consider beyond just how big a machine you want. We can help you determine how much power you need and what features, like headlights and hand warmers, are important for you.

  • Snow attachments for your John Deere Riding Mower, Utility Tractor, or Full size tractor can turn it into a snow munching beast. We have quick hitch two-stage snow blowers for the 100 series, X300, X500, X700 on up. However not every machine is meant to take on every snow fall. We can let you know how much snow your tractor can handle. You want to get the most use out of your equipment, not use up your equipment. We'll give you honest advice. Your snow blower choice depends first on what model your tractor is, and then on what you're trying to clear with it. Call or stop by to discuss your options with a D&G Equipment Expert. Remember to ask about our snow cabs to keep protected from the elements.

  • Snow Blades for your Gator Utility Vehicle Make your Gator even more useful with a blade this winter. We carry the right blades and chains for your Gator. We also have cabs for your Gator. So gear up and let the snow fly.

  • Used Snow Blades and Blowers: Our online store has various blades and blowers available for John Deere and other brands of equipment. Be sure to check here if you would like to find a used snow blade or blower for your lawn tractor, riding mower, or utility tractor: Used Parts and Attachments

Frontier Snow Removal Beyond 2-stage snow blowers the Frontier assortment of snow removal tools provides options from front blades, equipped with a curved blade to effectively roll snow away, to 3-point and loader-mount snowblowers, rotary brooms, and snow pushers. Here are some thoughts to consider on each:

3 Point snow blowers:

  • Frontier SB11 Series Snowblowers offer a 48- to 84-inch working width, making them ideal for farmsteads and large property owners. They work with compact and small utility tractors up to 90 PTO horsepower.

  • Frontier SB 12 move large amounts of snow efficiently with powerful snow blowers. Designed for large property and commercial applications, these implements clear yards, driveways, roadways, and sidewalks quickly. They have adjustable skid shoes, standard manual or optional hydraulic chute deflector, and welded- or bolted-on reversible cutting edges.

  • SB13 Series Snowblowers are great for the biggest jobs. They have an 88-104 inch working width. They work perfectly with utility and small row-crop tractors up to 190 PTO horsepower. The SB13 Series Snowblowers allow you to get your work done quickly and feature a bolt-on reversible cutting edge that gives double the edge life, reducing maintenance costs.

Loader Mount Snow Blowers:

  • Frontier SB 21- The SB21 Series Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers come in a 64-in. or 76-in. working widths, 60-in. or 27-in. working heights, and a 15-in. diameter auger. These features make fast work of snow-removal. Steel skid shoes can be adjusted and are replaceable. The cutting edge is also replaceable.

Snow Pushers

  • Frontier AS 10H & AS12E Snow Pusher--If you're looking for a fast, simple way to move snow away from buildings, fences, and hard-to-reach places, a Snow Push does the job right. Features include 6 - 10 ft. (1.8 - 3.1 m) working widths, welded skid shoes, up to 8.5 cu. ft. (2.6 m3) capacity, and rubber or steel edges available on various models.

Series Front Blades

  • Frontier AF-11 and AF-12. For small snow removal chores, Front Blades are a dependable solution. Curved blade edges roll snow rather than pushing it for smoother easier moving. They feature 72 - 84 in. (1.8 - 2.1 m) working widths, standard skid shoes, and quick-tach capabilities.

Here are a few final tips:

  • Remember to store your mower deck out of the weather when you remove it to add your snow removal attachment. This prevents extra wear and tear on the mower deck.

  • You'll need chains on the back tires for most lawn tractors. Come see us and we'll make sure you have the right set so you can get the traction you need.

  • Extra weight in the back of your tractor can help prevent slipping on ice or snow. See us for weight brackets or other solutions.

  • Our service department can equip your tractor for winter, or change it back for spring. Give us a call if you would prefer we took care of this process for you. It's a great time to have your equipment maintained for ideal performance.


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