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AriensYou’re ready for whatever Michigan winter sends your way when you have a quality Ariens Snow Blower. Ariens are built to stand up to harsh conditions and big jobs while they continue to deliver unparalleled results . Engineered to do the job right, and made right here in America, Ariens will help you keep the driveway open and the sidewalks clear.

Which Ariens Snow blower is right for you?

Download the Ariens Catalog here, or use the snow blower selector tool at the bottom of the page.

Contact D&G Equipment to get the right Ariens Snow Blower for your job!

Ariens Snow Blowers

Snow Platimum Series
Snow Deluxe
Snow Deluxe Series
Snow Compact
Snow Compact Series
Snow-Path Pro
Snow-Path Pro Series


Follow the link below to start selecting the snow blower that’s right for you. The questions are easy:

  • Are you going to use your Ariens for professional clearing, or for your personal use? 
  • What size clearing do you want with each pass?
  • What amenities are important to you?

Answering these questions will get you started in your decision but to make sure you are selecting the right model come talk to our experts at D&G Equipment.  From lightweight and agile, to powerful and performance driven, we have a snow thrower for you.


Ariens SnowblowerSnow Blowers, Throwers and Blades

Clear the way with heavy duty snow blowers and snow throwers from Toro and Ariens, or snow removal equipment for your John Deere tractor, gator, farm, or commercial equipment. We have the snow clearing equipment you need in stock and ready to get to work!

When the snow starts flying, piling up, and crusting over, you know where to come for snow removal solutions. We’ve got you covered at D&G Equipment with the best in snow removal equipment. We stock walk behind snow blowers from Ariens and Toro, and snow blowers, throwers, and plows made for your John Deere equipment by Frontier and Boss. We’ll turn your John Deere tractor or commercial equipment into a first-class snow clearing machine. Let’s talk blades, snow blowers, and heavy-duty rotary brooms because if you’ve got the snow, D&G Equipment has the solution for you.

More Snow Equipment

Single-stage Snow BlowerYou can't stop the snow from coming; all you can do is be prepared. At D&G Equipment, we're here to help. Having the right snow blower, snow thrower, or blades can make all the difference for you this winter. This article talks about choosing between single-stage and two-stage snow blowers and about the variety of snow blowers and blades available for your lawn and garden tractor or gator utility vehicle. At D&G Equipment our experts are trained to help you find the right snow removal solution for your situation. We have excellent choices in equipment from Ariens, Toro, Boss, Frontier, and John Deere.

Snow season is coming -- stay safe with these reminders

ToroThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates each year there are approximately 5,700 hospital emergency room-related injuries associated with snow blowers.

The Toro Company wants you and your family to be safe during the upcoming snow season and offers the following snow blower safety reminders:

Once nighttime temperatures have dropped below the freezing point and the annuals have wilted, snow isn’t far behind. What better time to give your snow blower a good checkup—before you really need it? Like it or not, you’re best off starting with the owner’s manual. If your snow blower runs on gasoline, the manual probably says to replace the spark plug annually. Change the oil also, at least once a year, if your model has a four-stroke engine.